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Thermosafe Induction Drum Heater

Melts solids, heats liquids, and totally safe. Completely encapsulated waterproof IP66 design using chemically resistant GRP material. 

Designed to heat 205 litre (55 gallon) drums or smaller steel vessels. Thermosafe is a proven alternative to multi-drum ovens and the solution to a host of process heating problems, even in potentially explosive or hose-down areas. 


LMK Heating Jackets

LMK flexible heating jackets are suitable for a wide variety of plastic, fibre and metal containers - drums, IBC's, totes, tubs, buckets, kegs, carboys etc. 

We make high and low power versions, including custom sizes. Many standard designs are held in finished stock for immediate delivery.

The jackets incorporate a polyurethane coated nylon outer jacket fitted with adjustable retaining straps and quick release polyethylene clips. A high thermal efficiency layer of insulation is held in place between the outer cover and the inner element carrier. The silicon insulated heating element is woven back and forth along the length of the high temperature rated support carrier. The braided supply cable is retained by a polycarbonate gland and an insulating plate.

Jackets can be supplied in sizes and power ratings to suit particular applications from small buckets and tubs to large drums and IBC's

Either an adjustable or fixed temperature thermostat may be specified. Several alternatives are available.


The Thermosafe unit heats by induction and therefore the maximum temperature is self limiting, and in most applications additional control is not required. For specific applications we can provide regulated temperature or energy controllers and timers, housed in industrial steel cabinets suitable for fitting adjacent to the heater. 

A range of sensors and thermocouples is also available for monitoring and logging drum temperature.

Many standard forms of drum handling and lifting equipment can be utilised. We are happy to recommend or supply appropriate products.



Thermosafe - Why not rent one for your metal drum heating application? Click here for more information.

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