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An unusual but significant feature of the THERMOSAFE Induction Heater in use is that it is always cooler than the surface of the drum being heated. This makes it much safer to handle than conventional radiant electric heating devices. 

There are no elements to replace, as heat is produced in the drum wall due to the electro-magnetic field produced by an encapsulated copper coil. 


Any ferritic steel placed within the magnetic field will heat, primarily due to induced eddy currents, so if steel stirrers or pump shafts are inserted into the drum, these will also heat, aiding the overall effect. 

There will be heat radiated from the drum as it increases in temperature. This will cause the surface of the THERMOSAFE to warm up over time, so if the unit is left running for a number of hours, protective gloves may still be required to remove it from the drum by hand. Three eye-bolt holes are fitted to the top flange so that overhead lifting devices can also be used.

The maximum temperature achieved under steady state conditions will be broadly (but not linearly!) proportional to the voltage applied, so the ATEX 170C (T3) rating is derived by allowing 10% over-voltage to 264volts a.c. from a nominal 240 volt operating supply, and with an ambient temperature uplifted to 40C. An additional safety factor is also included.  





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