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Business Energy Award Winner

Comma Oil: winner of Industry PEP award

Power for Efficiency and Productivity Award Scheme

The Electricity Industry Business Energy Awards have made important contributions to the fostering of higher standards of efficiency in UK businesses. Higher standards of energy efficiency are achieved through the application of a wide range of electrical processes and systems. Benefits also accrue from improved productivity and a better working environment. 

The PEP (Power for Efficiency and Productivity) Award Scheme rewards manufacturing companies which have significantly improved their performance by adopting an electrical process or service. The 1991 PEP Award was won by companies whose enterprising managers recognised the significant contribution that electrical power could make in terms of improved production, greater operational efficiency and major savings on fuel bills. The award itself is based on the Greek letter eta, the mathematical symbol for efficiency. 

Comma Oil & Chemicals won the award for the 95% reduction in unit energy costs achieved when three standard Thermosafe Induction Heaters were installed to replace a steam heated, oil fired system.  

In addition, throughput increased threefold with consistent performance, and no product degradation. Staff were very pleased with the cleaner, quieter surroundings and less strenuous handling procedures.

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LMK Thermosafe Ltd
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9-10 Moonhall Business Park, Helions Bumpstead Rd, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 7AA


Tel +44 (0)1440 707141 Fax +44 (0)1440 713344