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Application Note Photographs

The complete photo set may take about one minute to load in full. 

Descriptions by code letter:

  1. Even heating of gas cylinders to dry very high levels of purity. Other gas bottle applications include driving-off acetone from spent acetylene cylinders.
  2. Plant producing a wide range of cosmetic and toiletry products. The depicted process involves adding a range of fragrances to shaving cream.
  3. Very confined space leading to use of manual safety winches.
  4. Non "drum" applications, heating a process vessel in a hazardous location. The company manufactured wall sections for the Channel Tunnel between England and France.
  5. Supplier of bitumens for road-surfacing and roofing. Shown emptying heavily filled bitumen into an oil heated process vessel below.
  6. Shoe manufacturer - demonstrating easy access to drum whilst heating.
  7. Aerospace - mobile pumping stations for Ciba-Gigy epoxy resin, used in the manufacture of aircraft propellers.
  8. Drums of glycerin mounted on dollies to enable quick removal/access to a pumping head on the "Jaffa-cake" production line.
  9. LMK stacker for Thermosafe
  10. Paint manufacturer - heating 110 liter drums.
  11. Honey farm - frames allow application of banks of up to six heaters at a time to be applied.     

  12. Non "drum" application, heating special process vessel.
  13. Pharmaceutical manufacturer - six heaters replaced a drum oven heating sorbitol, the main constituent of liquid medicines. The heaters sit on rubber mats on a tiled floor, allowing for hosing down even when in use. 
  14. Luboil blending - heaters are kept overhead when not in use (replaced steam oven, allowing shut-down of boiler during the summer months.) See also "T".
  15. Heating bitumen for injecting into undersea cables.
  16. Food plant - heating beef fat oleo. 
  17. Food plant - providing a monitored flow of lecithin at constant temperature to the adjacent plant manufacturing a butter-type cooking oil used in bakeries.
  18. Plastics manufacturer - 2 heaters by the side of each plant making continuous plastic film. 24 hour operation, with 1 drum feeding, the other as back-up. 
  19. Luboil blending - 18 drums in one line along wall. See Esso Project Report, Eastern Electricity award winning casee history. Became the model for this major oil company's luboil plants around the world.
  20. Luboil blending - close-up of "N" above.



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