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Thermosafe Induction Heaters Type A

Overall Diameter 743mm (29") Internal Diameter 613mm (24")

Height 711mm (27.75")  Weight 48kg (106lbs)

Single phase 240V, 50Hz a.c.   Class II Appliance 

Current/power consumption:        Switch-on    21A, 2750W

(Note.Inductive power factor)       Running       18A, 2250W

Enclosure Protection to IP66 (Complete protection from the ingress of dust, and protection against powerful jets of water)

"Thermosafe" is protected by: 

European Patent # 0202272,P3587195.4 and US Patent # 4,870,239

Hazardous Area Certification: 

Electrical apparatus for potentially explosive atmospheres,  ATEX European Directive

BASEEFA Certification No BAS 01 ATEX 2028X 2GD EExe II 170C (T3), T 170C  (Zones 1 & 2)

BS 5501: Part 1, EN 50014 - General requirements

BS 5501: Part 6, EN50019 - Increased safety 'e'

BS 2754: 1976 & to relevant parts of BS 3456: Part 101:1978



All prices are available in UK, US$ and uro. Call or e-mail us for current prices. Other currencies are varied inline with prevailing exchange rates on a quarterly basis. 

Our standard terms and conditions of sale apply. 


Weekly rental is also available. Go to our Thermosafe Rental page for more details.







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