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Time and time again, the Thermosafe induction heater wins evaluation studies, for one or more of the following reasons:

Massive energy savings.
Very low maintenance.
Safe - hazardous area certifications.
Automatic operation, no control required.
Minimal surface heat losses, hence comfortable working conditions.
Easy identification of items being heated.
Heating of individual barrels at point of use.
Space saving.
Flexible location, easy handling. 
Withstands hose down cleaning

These application notes illustrate just a few of the potential uses.

Sikorsky: Jet Fuel

Heating aviation fuel during performance testing of new helicopter.

Merck, Sharp & Dohme: Liquid Medicines

Maintaining viscosity and temperature of Sorbitol in solution. 

Dowty Aerospace: Propeller Blades

Manufacturing composite resin propeller blades for aeroplanes and hovercraft.

BOC Special Gases: Gas Cylinders

Pressurised cylinder preparation and cleaning for high purity process gases used in semiconductor industry. 

Anglia Oils: Cooking Oils

The manufacture of specialist edible oils requires precise mixing of lecithin and other additives at optimum viscosity. 

Toiletry Products: Cosmetics

Blending fragrances into toiletry products and melting out drums of coconut fatty acid raw materials in hose-down or hazardous environments.


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